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We position today’s real estate to meet tomorrow’s demands. We can paint a very accurate picture of your playing field by combining our personal market knowledge with up-to-date data. We also know what leases are up for expiry, as well as the specific needs of specific tenants in the area. We increase the chance of a match by bringing together well-founded insights for you.

Connect supply and demand

Your space may not be completely suitable for a successful rental yet. That could be because installations are no longer up to date, the interior is outdated, or changes need to be made to make it more sustainable. We collaborate with you to look at what is needed to optimise the office space and who is needed to make those changes. We maintain close contact with our subject matter experts within CBRE to bring substance to strategy. We find suitable experts together for the output, from both internally and externally. That way, we ensure that your offer fits within the target group seamlessly.

The future of work

Explore our latest data, insights and solutions to understand, anticipate and influence how we will work in the future.


Property Types

  • Use the world’s most comprehensive real estate services platform to find innovative solutions for your needs as a corporate occupier or office investor.

  • Large parts of retail have been permanently changed by e-commerce. Yet there are still plenty of opportunities.

  • From large-scale distribution centers to city hubs, from last mile delivery to flash delivery: an effective, future-proof logistics strategy stands or falls with strategic real estate locations and an efficient, modern supply chain.

  • Thanks to our market expertise and local knowledge, we can help you in every part of the life cycle of your property.

  • Comprehensive healthcare real estate and facility solutions for better patient outcomes and healthier communities.

  • For real estate solutions that support and strengthen your life sciences organisation.