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Property Management

No two assets, clients or tenants are the same—that’s why we offer tailored property management solutions to meet your unique needs, throughout the property lifecycle and across all asset classes.

Enjoy the kind of bespoke experience you can only get from a global leader. We work hard to understand client and tenant needs and leverage the largest and most developed platform in the industry to drive sustained value.

Our global team of 17,000 professionals manages 2.7 billion square feet across 40+ countries and shares best practices, ideas and innovations from all around the world. Service-oriented and client-minded, we focus on delivering value through operational best practice, strategic cost reduction, leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, and innovative building technology and programming solutions.

Experienced experts at your service

Every building needs a tailored approach – an historic canal house requires a different type of management than a high-end office full of ‘Internet of Things’ technologies. CBRE has been active in all real estate sectors for many years, so we have knowledge of and experience in a wide range of buildings and issues. Our vast experience means that we never take on something for the first time. We currently manage about 650 buildings – which equates to about 6 million m² in total – spread throughout the Netherlands.

One complete package that does it all

When it comes to day-to-day property management, you need everything to be property arranged – from technology and finance, to contact with tenants and marketing your assets. We offer you support on all levels at CBRE. We think along with you about how to strategically position your objects within the market, but we also implement them for you – with a real local focus and engagement. For instance, we are experienced in community management, where we built an attractive and future-proof living and working environment together with tenants and local stakeholders.

Accounting solutions – from asset to funds

Fund & property accounting

Property to fund level accounting, reporting and data solutions that optimise our clients’ operating models.

Our fund and property accounting business is the only fully-integrated real estate property accounting and fund administration service provider for developers, investors and asset managers. We pair deep real estate accounting expertise with industry-leading technology to tailor global and local accounting and reporting solutions for distinct portfolios, optimising operations and reducing risk.

Supporting your sustainability goals

Sustainability transformation

Accelerate your journey to net-zero, improve the resilience and reliability of your real estate and reduce the total cost of ownership of your portfolio.

A sustainable ambition and ESG strategy can only be realised when they are converted into actionable measures. We would be happy to think along with you at that step and advise you both strategically and practically. We look at how you apply sustainability measures in individual buildings, can advise you about improving your energy labels and help you to achieve sustainability certifications. In addition, we can also find ways to save energy using data about your gas, water and electricity consumption. If our team cannot find a solution, we will call in CBRE’s experienced sustainability team.

Strategic marketing for retail and offices

You may be looking for your property to take a strategic position. We ensure that your shopping area or office environment becomes a place of significance by conducting extensive research and then developing a marketing plan. We can show you exactly where your real estate sits when compared to other buildings using data and benchmarks. We also have a good outlook over visitor flows. That way, we ensure that your real estate is better placed on the market and that employees and consumers have reasons to visit.

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