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European Logistics Occupier Survey 2023

juli 20, 2023 14 minuut Read

Het bovenaanzicht van een logistieke werkplaats

Survey Profile

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CBRE and Analytiqa have partnered for the third time to gather insights from over 100 logistics space occupiers in Europe. The European Logistics Occupier Survey aggregates responses from only the largest logistics occupiers across all sectors to understand attitudes towards a range of challenges and the future demand for logistics real estate.

Expansion Plans

Despite the macroeconomic headwinds, logistics occupiers remained bullish. Two-thirds of the respondents are planning to take more logistics space in Europe, only slightly down from last year.

How do you expect your total warehouse footprint in Europe to change in the next three years?

Source: CBRE and Analytiqa (European Logistics Occupier Survey 2023)

Occupier Challenges

Real estate is now also a business challenge, with boards aware of rising costs and lack of availability of logistics facilities. Labour costs and availability remain top-of-mind as business concerns for occupiers, whilst environmental issues are now established as a general business challenge.

Has your company had any issues related to lack of available logistics facilities?

Source: CBRE and Analytiqa (European Logistics Occupier Survey 2023)

Location Strategies and Building Preferences

The impact of recent rent increases has been felt by occupiers, making rent the most decisive factor when selecting between closeby warehouses. Lease options and flexibility are now less crucial, but sustainability ratings are becoming increasingly influential.

What are the most important factors driving building selection?

Source: CBRE and Analytiqa (European Logistics Occupier Survey 2023)

Sustainability Considerations

There has been an increase in logistics occupiers with a net zero carbon target compared to 2022 (now 90% of respondents). Most importantly, there has been a significant growth in the percentage of occupiers (51%) with a dedicated budget to implement their net zero carbon goals.

Does your company have a net zero carbon strategy and dedicated budget to implement sustainability goals?

Source: CBRE and Analytiqa (European Logistics Occupier Survey 2023)

Read the report for the full analysis of our findings and contact our team to arrange a presentation.


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