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A hybrid workplace strategy is the foundation for sustainable, effective collaboration. Find out how CBRE can help you with this.

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In a nutshell, hybrid working is about being able to work wherever you want, instead of always being at the office. This trend was kick-started by the coronavirus pandemic, and it has fundamentally altered the role of the office building. No longer the standard workplace for every employee, nowadays the office functions more as a meeting place and corporate identity hub. To ensure that your office continues to work well for your organisation, you need a future-proof hybrid workplace strategy.

Complex challenge

Many organisations struggle to find an effective hybrid approach, and this is often reflected in matters such as frustration about the absence of employees from the office, and underutilised or redundant floor space. Other frequently heard complaints concern difficulties in getting and keeping colleagues involved, and the large discrepancy employees experience between working at the office and working elsewhere. By identifying your employees’ wishes and the needs of your organisation, and incorporating them into a broad-based strategy, you can both prevent and remedy these problems.

Bricks, bytes, behaviour

Ideally, a hybrid workplace strategy will be effective not only now, but also in the future. A combination of three factors is important in this: bricks (real estate), bytes (technology) and behaviour (social capital). We help you to disentangle the complexities of hybrid working by identifying and balancing these three aspects. To achieve this, we make use of our data-driven approach, global experience and local expertise. We have access to comprehensive data sets that provide valuable insights to help you transform your workplace. The result is an office that aligns with your organisation’s needs, and is attractive to and appealing for employees.

The power of co-creation

There is no one-size-fits-all, optimal hybrid workplace strategy; a customised solution is necessary. We help you to find a suitable approach for your organisation during our unique Creative Camps: a work method based on co-creation that enables you to find answers to complex challenges by taking a broad perspective. The method has been developed to get to the heart of the challenge quickly, explore a variety of potential solutions, and take decisions. Because you do this together with your stakeholders, you create support right away. This results in solid solutions that you can apply immediately.

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