Establishing effective hybrid working

A successful hybrid workplace strategy requires a good balance between the bricks, bytes and behaviour factors. Spacer will help you get off to a flying start.

Establishing effective hybrid working

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What started out as an emergency measure has grown to become a serious workplace concept. After having experienced hybrid working for a number of years, it’s time to take stock and ask: does it really work? Our survey of European office users early in 2023 showed that it is effective, but only in 12 percent of Dutch organisations. The remainder are still encountering challenges such as underutilised or redundant work space, dissatisfaction about the involvement of colleagues, ineffective or no staff load distribution, disagreements about workplace occupancy, and a lack of clarity about the role of the office. This is a shame, because once you have successful hybrid working in place, it works for all parts of your organisation.

Sound approach, easy start

With a solid foundation, your hybrid workplace strategy will be effective not only now, but also in the future. CBRE believes that this foundation consists of three factors: bricks (real estate), bytes (technology) and behaviour (social capital). It is only once you achieve a good balance between these aspects that you create the foundation for sustainable, effective collaboration that aligns with your company and employees.

Our unique, free Spacer tool will help you to take the first step. All you have to do is answer a few questions. The answers will help us to assign a suitable profile to your office, including comprehensive data-based insights, useful benchmarks, and practical recommendations. This helps you to identify your organisation’s brick-related needs, and lays the foundation for investigating the bytes and behaviour factors. Spacer is the ideal starting point in this respect, helping you to successfully shape hybrid working for your company.

CBRE can provide you with effective help in your search for a future-proof, broad-based hybrid workplace strategy. In doing so, we make use of our data-driven approach, global experience and local expertise. We also employ our unique Creative Camps, running co-creation sessions in which stakeholders within and outside of your company actively contribute to the plan, ensuring that everyone who participates is supportive of it.

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