• Large parts of retail have been permanently changed by e-commerce. Yet there are still plenty of opportunities. We use data and knowledge to navigate investors, developers and retailers to success.

  • Wherever you do business now or in the future, we know your market and have the right skills and experience to provide you with the best advice and solutions.

  • We have extensive experience and long-term partnerships with industrial and manufacturing companies all over the world. We use these to improve your real estate, turnover and business performance.

  • Prepare for the future of housing for your law firm – take advantage of our in-depth market research and our many years of experience in the legal market.

  • Education

    Our multidisciplinary teams contribute to a positive learning and research environment, so that students and academics can bring out the best in themselves.

  • Energy companies worldwide operate in a constantly changing landscape. This requires flexible, appropriate and innovative real estate solutions – exactly what we do.

  • Our focused specialists combine their expert insight into the public sector with extensive knowledge of all types of real estate.

  • Our sports and recreation team provides you with a full package of real estate services: from valuation and targeted advice to due diligence and legal assistance.

  • We provide tailor-made services and products for technology, media and telecom companies at every stage of development.