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Board of CBRE the Netherlands

The board members of CBRE Netherlands are Marco Hekman, Irene Flotman, Maaike Boné, Erik Langens, Roderick Smorenburg, Arnoud Bloemendaal, Suzanne Elliott (delegate on behalf of the employees) and Its Bakker. Each board member represents their own part of the organisation, and their activities are closely linked with CBRE internationally. The board’s composition does justice to the breadth of our services and diversity within our organisation. They all work together to ensure that CBRE delivers essential added value in all areas and to all stakeholders.

Board of Directors CBRE the Netherlands

  • Marco Hekman

    Divisional President Continental Europe

    Photo of Marco Hekman

    Expertise: Quote: "Working with people who always give the best of themselves gives me an enormous kick. You can sense and see that everyone is enjoying themselves, and this leads to the best results. That's very characteristic for CBRE!"

  • Irene Flotman

    Managing Director CBRE Netherlands

    Photo of Irene Flotman

    Expertise: Quote: "I'm proud of CBRE and our people. Together we achieve good things. Our organisation has so much potential. We have our ups and downs, and learn every day. But that's fine. I believe we are different, that we can really add something. It's a privilege to be here right now."

  • Erik Langens

    Executive Director Capital Markets

    Photo of Erik Langens

    Expertise: Quote: “The professionalisation and globalisation of the Dutch property market fascinate me - and CBRE is leading the way in these trends. Through my experience at CBRE and the many services CBRE has to offer, I can create real added value for our clients. This means that after 10 years at CBRE, I still really enjoy going to work every day.”

  • Maaike Bone

    Executive Director Advisory & Transaction Services | Occupier

    Photo of Maaike Boné

    Expertise: Quote: “Both inside and outside CBRE, we work with enormously driven and creative people on a daily basis. It’s my job to harness all that energy to arrive at the best possible real estate advice for our clients.”

  • Arnoud Bloemendaal

    Executive Director Property Management

    Photo of Arnoud Bloemendaal

    Expertise: “Within CBRE we have such a wonderfully diverse group of colleagues with diverse knowledge in all kinds of areas. That gives me a lot of energy myself. If we manage to connect all that knowledge, there will be so many great opportunities for our customers, for CBRE and certainly also for our people.”

  • Roderick Smorenburg

    Executive Director Valuation & Advisory Services

    Photo of Roderick Smorenburg

    Expertise: Quote: "What I like, is that at CBRE you get lots of room to start new initiatives. If you’re committed and show what you can do, you can really make a difference here. That’s one of the big advantages of surrounding yourself with young, ambitious people. You encourage each other to continuously improve."

  • Suzanne Elliott

    Senior Consultant Workplace Strategies - Representative on behalf of employees

    Photo of Suzanne Elliott

    Expertise: Quote: "I am committed to creating an inclusive and engaged environment at CBRE where everyone feels heard. As the DNA Group's delegate to the General Board, I see this as a key priority. My ambition is to work with the DNA group to represent the voice of employees."

  • Its Bakker

    Senior Director Development Management

    Photo of Its Bakker