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Complete plan of approach

Many organisations are gearing up towards a hybrid way of working. That means employees alternately work together physically in the office and in online spaces. That transition brings numerous challenges – for instance: what should you do if your office is structurally understaffed? How can you ensure that colleagues are able to collaborate effectively while working remotely? A successful workplace concept will keep an eye on both the physical and remote work – on what we call the bricks and bytes. That’s why our workplace strategists take a holistic view on your workplace situation, which enables us to work towards an optimal Workplace Experience right across the board.

A data-driven strategy

A successful workplace concept does not begin on the drawing board – it begins with insights into your organisation’s work patterns and needs. Therefore, we map out who does what and how right across the business, which we base on stakeholder discussions and an online work mode survey. This data is then converted into personas, which provide insight into the different types of employees within your organisation. This helps to lay the foundation for a concept that fits in seamlessly with your employees – the people who will make use of it.

Effective change management

Transitioning to a new workplace concept can have a major impact on your organisation. It usually means that employees have to develop different habits. Doing so requires coaching, guidance and patience. CBRE's change management specialists will help you draw up a result-oriented change programme, which will give clear agreements about the new way of working. We will keep a finger on the pulse of your organisation for as long as it’s necessary. We will ask things like whether the agreements are being adhered to, and what we can do to improve how the concepts are embedded into your organisation.

A complete guide to hybrid working

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