With over 600 professionals in 6 offices across the Netherlands, our team collaborates across the country and in every sector of real estate.

Offices in The Netherlands

  • Capital and business hub of the Netherlands in all sectors, a range of international businesses, a tourist haven with its own unique character.

  • By combining extensive expertise and experience with tonnes of enthusiasm and motivation, our Southern Netherlands team is able to offer you the best of both worlds.

  • WTC The Hague

    The Hague

    City of international courts and seat of the Dutch government with upmarket, historic neighbourhoods and office districts of international standing.

  • Central Post


    Dynamic port on the River Maas with a no-nonsense attitude that fits in well with our outcome-driven approach.

  • WTC Utrecht


    Fastest growing economy in central Netherlands, situated at the hub where the most important roads, waterways and railway lines meet.

  • Newday


    Coverage in the northeast of the Netherlands with an office in dynamic Zwolle.

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