About Us

Data & Technology Across Every Dimension

At CBRE, we integrate data and technology in our services so that we can produce transparent and informed recommendations

Modern real estate advice

At CBRE, you can count on substantiated and clear real estate advice, thanks to our extensive datasets, astute analyses and intelligent tools. Not based on our gut feel, but on figures instead. All our consultants know how to work with our unique data sets, and apply data analysis to arrive at specific and useful advice.

Assurance through automation

By computerising recurring operations, we guarantee consistent quality and work faster and more efficiently. Looking for a report on the housing market in Eindhoven? We can generate that report at the touch of a button. The result is a written report, automatically generated with all the relevant and up-to-date market information you need – directly on your desk. Perhaps the biggest advantage of standardised output is being able to compare all the reports easily, allowing you to keep a close eye on real estate trends.

Opportunities through analysis

Using intelligent data analysis, we present the real estate market transparently. Suppose you’d like to know how much rent you can fetch for your logistics hall in Rotterdam. Our consultant can help you by finding out what the rental price is for comparable assets in the region. You’ve set your rental price and now you’re keen to find a new tenant? Our databases show us exactly who is in the market for new premises. In other words: we know where you can find the ideal tenant.

Realistic prices based on transparency

Data insights play a crucial role in buying and selling real estate too. To find prices in line with market rates, you need insights in the marketplace. For this, CBRE anonymously identifies and lists the price-setting of all real estate transactions. That gives buyers and sellers enough concrete evidence to be able to settle on a price comfortably. Up-to-date, transparent data produces consensus about realistic price levels, resulting in a healthier marketplace, in which it is easier for buyers and sellers to find each other.

Data for retailers

These days, retailers need to take a more critical look at their real estate strategy. It’s important to continuously ask yourself whether you’re still in the best place. For instance, retailers have to know whether their target market knows how to find their outlet. Fortunately, we can answer that question more and more accurately using phone and customer segmentation data, which we use to analyse visitor behaviour. That gives retailers something to go by in their real estate strategy.

Workplace strategy

Data is indispensable for the accommodation strategies used for office spaces too. Companies want to be based in contemporary, sustainable and dynamic locations, so that they have the edge in the war on talent. CBRE clearly identifies and lists the distinctive qualities of office premises based on data analysis. In the process, we can even filter by the available talent that you are looking for. Keen to base yourself in Rotterdam and looking for the very best techies? We can find the most accessible and attractive offices for your target population. That way, you can carry on growing, with peace of mind, in future-proof offices.