Photo of Marco Hekman

Marco Hekman

Divisional President Continental Europe

About Marco

Marco has been with CBRE for more than 35 years and is completely at home in our international organisation. He is the driving force behind the organisation's strong development, which is characterised by sharing knowledge and integral advice to investors, financiers and lessees.

Marco knows the investment market inside out and enjoys studying analyses and solutions for the portfolio strategy of his customers. He knows how the international capital flows are developing and advises investors on how to determine their property strategy on the basis of this. In his former role of Chairman of EMEA Capital Markets he expanded his network, knowledge and influence for contacts throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

Since 1 October 2015, Marco has been fulfilling the role of Divisional President of Continental Europe. He is responsible for managing the countries in mainland Europe.

Working with people who always give the best of themselves gives me an enormous kick. You can sense and see that everyone is enjoying themselves, and this leads to the best results. That's very characteristic for CBRE!
Marco HekmanDivisional President, Continental Europe and CEO of CBRE Netherlands