Space-sizing: seeking the ideal mix

Space-sizing: seeking the ideal mix

You have to do something about empty and unused work floors. Although saving money on workplaces is one solution, it also bears risk. Before taking action, consider a hybrid workplace strategy.

A specialised profession with many facets

You may start out looking for a straight answer to a simple question, but reality often turns out to be more complex. What should you do, for example, when your lease is up for renewal? Does your office still meet your organisation’s needs? And what should you take into account if your aim is to optimise your working environment or merge branches? We will give you a full overview of all the options.

Integrated platform for real estate and accommodation experts

We have a clear and coherent view of office use, now and in the future. It centres on responding to the wishes of the new generation of employees and realising the full potential of technological innovations. It means transforming the office into a place where people meet and inspire one another, making work healthier and more productive. We will not only work with you to develop and design an office concept dedicated to supporting your objectives, but also ensure that it is implemented down to the very last detail.

Our services

The optimal combination of budget, building and use of space. Your corporate real estate portfolio should be the foundation of your organisation’s strategy.
Future-proof, inspirational and expert office concepts that are fully focused on your organisation and your employees’ peak performance.
Creative and functional designs for an optimal working environment with a focus on your objectives and corporate identity.
Housing with a lease agreement that best suits your organisation’s goals and needs.
Support and assistance with obtaining the internationally recognized WELL certificate, the only standard in the world for organizations and buildings that ensures a healthy working environment.
Efficient processes, cost reduction and customer satisfaction are our number one priority upon completion of your new offices. Whether you need fixtures and fittings, a new office interior or brand new offices, we will complete your project to your satisfaction.
Your business partner for international transaction management, contract management and the financial administration of your property portfolio. One point of contact for all the property expertise you might need.

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Spencer Stuart

Spencer Stuart

A translation of American design to Dutch standards


Multidisciplinary approach during renegotiations for new leases

To stay or not to stay?

Only one in ten companies relocate upon lease expiry.