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Life Sciences

One point of contact for all your complex life sciences real estate issues. Our interdisciplinary team offers specialist solutions in all fields.


Ideal research sites

When we refer to ‘life sciences’, we’re talking about research and development buildings: high-tech real estate solutions for customers working in the research domain. The buildings in this sector are more than just office premises: they have to meet strict laws and regulations. Whether it concerns office premises, laboratories or production areas: they all have to function properly. That is why all our teams work together to provide a full range of services, so that we can assist occupants, owners and investors every step of the way: from valuations and designs to furnishings and fittings.

All-round advice for occupants and investors

R&D real estate is gaining ground. Indeed, of all the investment categories, many investors have it in their top three. That’s why knowing what goes on in the field is key. Thanks to our Data360 tool, we can shed light on the sector and make it accessible so that you are never taken by surprise. By combining that information with our long track record, we are a reliable partner in all real estate disciplines – for occupants, owners and investors alike.

One-stop shop

All our services are under one and the same roof. This means that you work with all kinds of specialists, without having to deal with various organisations or interests. For instance, we can manage your transactions and advise you on your use of space, while taking over the management of your lab at the same time. Given that no building or occupant is the same, we develop a customised R&D real estate strategy geared to suit your pharmaceutical, biotechnical, technology, agri-science or medical organisation. We are happy to hold a no-obligation meeting to discuss how we can best serve you.

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