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An honest, independent, and realistic valuation of your real estate. That requires a forward thinking and holistic view of valuations, with space for different scenarios.


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Property value is a key factor in guiding real estate decisions. You need access to the most comprehensive, real-time data and skilled professionals who derive intelligence from analytics. We help you realise the true value of your property with trusted real estate insights and advice from the most experienced professionals in the industry.

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  • Use the world’s most comprehensive real estate services platform to find innovative solutions for your needs as a corporate occupier or office investor.

  • Large parts of retail have been permanently changed by e-commerce. Yet there are still plenty of opportunities. Using data and qualitative knowledge, we navigate investors, owners, developers and retailers to success.

  • From large-scale distribution centers to city hubs, from last mile delivery to flash delivery: an effective, future-proof logistics strategy stands or falls with strategic real estate locations and an efficient, modern supply chain. We offer you tailor-made real estate solutions.

  • Our housing specialists closely monitor developments in the housing market and advise investors, housing associations and developers on their activities and various portfolio transactions. With that experience and expertise, we guide you through this dynamic sector.

  • Hotel real estate requires a lot of specialist knowledge. Thanks to our creative and practical experience with catering and real estate at home and abroad, we can offer you this.

  • Thanks to our market expertise and local knowledge, we can help you in every part of the life cycle of your property. From responding to relevant trends to consolidating your real estate, facilities and technological systems into one operational and financial model: we are your data center partner.

  • Comprehensive healthcare real estate and facility solutions for better patient outcomes and healthier communities.


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    Optimise your real estate investment strategy with expert perspectives. Our research and insights platform combines comprehensive data with in-depth capital markets expertise across geographies and property types.

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    From shifting demographics and population migration to emerging infrastructure and industries, examine the forces transforming cities and uncover new opportunities in the world’s economic centers.

  • Building the real estate solutions of tomorrow means taking action on sustainability today.