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Most people who invest in real estate need financing, whether that’s to purchase a new or to totally redevelop a property.


Our USP’s

  • Portfolio advice including ESG, clear view and advice on your assets (finance) possibilities
  • Strong relationship with a broad network of banks, insurers, debt funds, and family offices
  • Involvement of the broader CBRE organization and services when needed
  • Deep-routed lender relationships: 300+ various sources of debt and equity
  • Innovative technology: leveraging transactional data enabling cross-platform collaboration
  • Connected global scale

Finding the best solution

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Our experienced consultants will work with you to find the best solution for your real estate needs. Our consultants will help you fine-tune your strategy and approach financiers within our network in the most targeted manner possible. That way, we increase your chances of taking out commercial property financing with attractive conditions within a short space of time.

  1. Diverse local and international network in and outside the Netherlands

    No commercial real estate financing scenario is ever the same. That is why we maintain a diverse network of financiers, with whom we maintain close contact, both at home and abroad. That means we can often present you with several financing options as well as strategic advice. We increase your chances of success by bridging the gap between the contents of your application and available financiers.
  2. Complete advice with a view on your assets

    As an experienced real estate party, we know what it takes to invest in real estate. This allows us to enhance your application for financing with clear forecasting about your project’s progress. That gives financiers more certainty and increases the chances that your application will be accepted. Of course, we will also let you know if we think your project has a better chance of success if you adjust specific points – for instance, on sustainability or your rental strategy.
  3. Tailored made for you by experienced specialists

    We have professionals with years of experience in the finance and real estate market in our team. We carry out about fifty transactions a year from the Netherlands, from small to large-scale. In short, we are not easily taken by surprise and can offer high-level advice. Even if your question is relatively clear, we are still there for you. Finding a real estate mortgage needs a custom approach, so we focus precisely on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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