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MidCap Investments in real estate

Our MidCap team offers expert guidance on investing in all types of MidCap real estate, anywhere in the Netherlands. Our winning combination of local and wide-ranging expertise means we can steer you through the entire process, whether you are buying or selling.


Local expertise on mid-market investments

Are you looking to buy or sell mid-market real estate with optimal results? Our MidCap team brings you the best of both worlds. Not only do we offer the broad expertise and international network of a global real estate specialist, but we also provide the local perspective and personal service of a consultant close to home. You can find us at CBRE’s offices in Zwolle, Groningen, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Amsterdam and The Hague. We know the area like no one else around and our advice is firmly founded on local expertise. The result? The unique combination of a small-scale, accessible approach and professional, data-driven services covering all aspects of the investment process.

Selling with MidCap real estate

If you are considering taking a property to market, you want a strategy that offers maximum precision. At CBRE, we have an outstanding track record when it comes to achieving the highest price for your real estate. We take a structured, analytical approach with a detailed value calculation, a complete marketing list of potential buyers and an open response process. We offer you deeper understanding driven by trusted in-house data. Each phase of the sale is fully transparent, and we supply you with ongoing progress updates. In short, you can leave every aspect of the sale to us while maintaining control over the process from start to finish. We offer the invaluable insights of a local real estate consultant backed by the expertise and experience of a global specialist.

MidCap investments for every segment

Our MidCap team has a strong presence in every real estate sector and can therefore provide the all-round expertise you need. In other words, you can come to us with any question, no matter which sector you have in mind. In practice, the focus tends to be on office, commercial and residential properties. If you have another focus or situation, our services are fully integrated with specialist teams in all segments, from healthcare to hospitality and retail. Our connections cover the full spectrum of expertise within CBRE, enabling us to give you the best real estate solution in the mid-market as standard. Would repurposing boost the sales prospects for your property? You can count on us to enlist the services of one of our in-house development specialists without delay.

Creative solutions for MidCap investments

Not every property is primed and ready for an optimal transaction. That’s why we consider all the options to give your real estate new potential by renting, renovating, transforming, investing, preserving and adding new functions. It all depends on the location, zoning plan, market developments and the condition of the building. We carefully explore each and every option, setting out the best strategy with the help of our in-house research and development teams. We oversee the analysis, discuss the results and help you make the best possible decision. For example, transforming an office building into a residential asset may be the best way to maximise yield and meet market demands. Alternatively, upgrading the sustainability of a property could well make it a more attractive selling proposition. Thanks to our creative solutions, you can count on optimal results from your real estate transactions.

MidCap investments at CBRE

  • Local market expertise

    Our operations span the Netherlands, so we know the score from one end of the country to the other. In tune with local players, we are always able to find a solution wherever you need one.

  • Creative optimisation

    To make sure you get the best results, we begin by exploring opportunities for optimisation in close collaboration with our fellow CBRE experts.

  • Professional and consistent

    Regardless of the region or sector you operate in, you can rely on the same high quality from us – from documentation to marketing and beyond.

Our regions

Looking for real estate to buy or invest? Our local real estate advisors can give you advise and guidance.

Some projects

Danzigerkade 19-21 te Amsterdam
On behalf of B&S VastInvest, we have successfully sold a single-tenant office, based in the Houthavens of Amsterdam. During this process, our Development Services team provided advisory services for a transparent sales process. Despite the uncertain macroeconomic situation and interest rate fluctuations, this sale has been a successful transaction.
HEGO Stainless Steel & Aluminium te Almere
CBRE MidCap supervised the sale and leaseback of HEGO in Almere on behalf of one of its customers. The building covers approximately 10,500 m² and will be let for 10 years. The sale of this light-industrial hall involved a short sales process and was successfully completed within three months, with all parties satisfied with a successful transaction.
Fellenoord 19-37 – Eindhoven
In collaboration with our Development Services, we have enabled the sale of a property in the station area of Eindhoven. This location comprised of approx. 2,750 m² of office space and based on our scenario analysis, it showed a development potential of approx. 14,000 m² of living space, we initiated a sales process. In this process, there was close cooperation with the municipality of Eindhoven to ensure that there was sufficient comfort for potential buyers and that the municipality could provide feedback on the plans outlined in the bids submitted. As a result, the ultimate buyer negotiated an anterior agreement with the municipality on the same volume as examined by CBRE.
Koningslaan 44 te Amsterdam
Located in the prestigious Oud-Zuid near the Vondelpark, The old British Consulate in Amsterdam was sold under the supervision of CBRE. The building is currently mixed-use, therefore it offers options in terms renovating for a variety of uses going forward. In conjunction with our Development Services, the seller was supported throughout the entire sales process, enabling an extremely smooth and rapid transaction.

Market reports

Our reports are highly valued and help you make the right decisions.


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