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During the Core Talks by CBRE, we focus on the issues that we have in common as employees, employers and entrepreneurs. Core Talks is a free knowledge event that is all about inspiration, connection and current affairs. In this edition: enough talk about sustainability, it's time for action. How? Watch the recording and read the key takeaways.


ESG at the top of the agenda

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It’s no longer sufficient for companies to think sustainably; society expects action. Customers, employees, government and public opinion: there is growing pressure from all sides to make a visible and measurable contribution to a future that matters to us all. Moreover, sustainability has long ceased to be a synonym for 'green'. The theme now covers a much broader social arena: from equality to community spirit and from vitality to well-being.

It is no coincidence that sustainability dominates the agenda in countless boardrooms. But also at C-level many are asking: How can we make sustainability part of our business strategy? Those who experience it as an obligation often get stuck there and fail to make any headway. However, if you see it as an opportunity, you’ll be able to move forward. During this edition of Core Talks, CBRE will explain the possibilities offered by ESG and how your housing strategy can cleverly contribute to your sustainable business plans.

This is the lineup for Core Talk #5

Frank Verwoerd

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Frank Verwoerd
Head of Research at CBRE

Frank will open these Core Talks from the perspective of his role and his nature as a researcher – in other words: data-driven and fact-based. With these values in mind, he will analyse the scope of the term ESG. He will then explain what the incentives are for structurally weaving sustainability and ESG into your business strategy – and why this is a great time to do so. He will also introduce some inspiring companies that have done this successfully and want to share the steps they took.

Debby Slofstra

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Debby Slofstra
Country President bij Schneider Electric

From home automation to industrial automation, all Schneider Electric solutions revolve around – and run on – electricity. This is a domain par excellence for sustainability, and the company seized this opportunity 15 years ago. Schneider Electric call themselves an Impact Company. No green frills, just rock-solid results from six long-term commitments, translated into 12 concrete targets for 2025. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed: last year, they were named the world's most sustainable company. Time to visit this CBRE client, who changed because they wanted to, and not because they had to. Get ready to learn!

Jouri Schoemaker

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Jouri Schoemaker
Founder & CEO of Pieter Pot

Grocery shopping without buying packaging? Jouri Schoemaker wants to show that it can be done. He is doing just that with Pieter Pot, the first plastic-free supermarket. You order what you need and have it delivered to your home in beautiful, sturdy and reusable jars. It may sound simple, but it is of enormous value: Pieter Pot has already saved more than 3 million sets of packaging. Schoemaker will talk about this during Core Talks, and also about making an impact in a broad sense: as an entrepreneur, prize-winning pitcher and public speaker, he knows how to turn a sustainable strategy into reality.

Bob Hendrkix

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Bob Hendrikx
CEO & Founder Loop Biotech
In between speakers, Core Talk #5 will focus on entrepreneurs who are leading the way in ESG and sustainability. Consider the example Loop Biotech, a company that is committed to making humans part of the natural life cycle again. Bob Hendrikx talks to us about what it's like to run a sustainable start-up and shares the crucial tips and tricks he has learned along the way.

Frank Holierhoek

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Frank Holierhoek 
Sales manager at a.s.r. Vitality  

We also speak to Frank Holierhoek from a.s.r. Vitality. An insurance company that dedicates itself in a special way to its own staff. They talk about their strategy, give advice and show how they make a concrete impact every day. He also discusses the trends in this field and explains why it is important for organisations to pay attention to employee vitality. 

Michèle Hol

During these Core Talks, Michèle will be the moderator and will connect the different topics to be discussed.

Every successful strategy should involve ESG

At Core Talks, we will be talking with young entrepreneurs, leading companies, and you. After all, there are opportunities for everyone to make an impact.