Case Study


Aalberts Bouw B.V., a leading Dutch building contractor, wanted its office building in Loosdrecht to serve as a showcase for the various projects it undertakes. Following an extensive refurbishment, both the exterior and interior of the building would support a new, contemporary workplace concept.

The challenge

Aalberts is an innovative construction company and a market leader. It is a firm believer in cocreation. Each project represents a partnership between professionals and clients. This was also the guiding principle during the refurbishment modernization of its head office building in Loosdrecht. An architect was retained to redesign the exterior while CBRE was instructed to develop the new workplace concept and a suitably resilient interior design. The result was to be sturdy and industrial in character, reflecting the image that Aalberts wishes to present to its clients.

Our approach

CBRE assembled a multidisciplinary team of experts from the Workplace Consultancy and Interior Design business lines. The first step was to analyse current working processes and the existing, somewhat closed, workplace concept. We were then able to develop a new, flexible and contemporary workplace concept which offers a more open working environment. It is a setting in which staff feel comfortable and ‘at home’. The workplace concept was accompanied by a suitably robust interior design.


Throughout the project, CBRE maintained close contact with the client and the architect. This enabled aspects such as the choice of materials to be fully coordinated. In consultation with the client, we decided to incorporate an open hearth into the design for the central lounge, where staff and guests can discuss business in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. We also facilitated a change management process to ensure a smooth transition to the new situation. Staff were involved in decision-making as fully as possible. By bringing together knowledge from various sources, we were able to make several improvements to the interior design and incorporate several innovations into the office concept.


Co-creation, with input from the architect, the multidisciplinary CBRE team and the client, has resulted in a daring, innovative and extremely high quality office building. The new workplace concept and interior design have been warmly embraced by users. There is a good aesthetic match between the exterior and interior of the building. Aalberts is extremely satisfied with the result, stating that it creates precisely the image that the company wishes to project.