The Core

The way we work is changing. We now work more frequently and more intensively with clients, while modern communications technology means that we are no longer confined to a single location. At the same time, new developments are required to comply with a rising number of standards and regulations. As a result, housing is also becoming more complex. Time for a new chapter.

The Core is a place where we design future working environments with our clients, where innovation comes to life and where entrepreneurship can flourish. These values and the authenticity of the building are reflected in the interior, which has been awarded twice at the Frame Awards, an international recognition for interior design.

Blueprint for the future

Four zones, each uniquely different, give us the opportunity to choose the way of working that suits our needs best. Would you like to meet each other in an informal setting? Get together with your client to find a solution in only 48 hours? Or work on an idea in silence? Come to the Core, with four separate areas for all of your needs: the CBRE Cafe, the Client Lab, the Workshop and the Library.

The Foundation for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of challenges. With The Core, we are giving an old building a second life. The former Peugeot garage in Amsterdam has been transformed into a sustainable, healthy office which will pioneer the latest trends and developments in the world of real estate.

Room for talent

Every organisation has its own story, its own identity. In The Core, we have poured the heart and soul of our organisation into a new working environment. The building’s four zones, each with their own unique character, enable us to select the way of working that suits our needs best at any given moment.


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