Heuvel shopping centre Eindhoven



A properly maintained shopping centre with classical architecture located in the heart of the largest city in the southern part of the Netherlands. Despite these positive attributes, Heuvel shopping centre lacked international appeal. This is set to change thanks to large-scale renovations.

The challenge

This renovation puts Heuvel shopping centre squarely on the map again. Heuvel 2.0 not only has to become the number one shopping centre in the region, also the most sustainable shopping centre in the Netherlands. Against the backdrop of tough economic times, it is important that retailers and consumers are inconvenienced as little as possible as a result of these renovations.

The solution

The relationship between the technical manager and the sustainability specialist in the team in charge of renovations is extremely important. In collaboration with the owner, they developed the blueprints for the Heuvel 2.0 plans. The BREEAM-NL IN-USE recertification is an important part of the redevelopment process. This international standard in the area of sustainability serves as the guiding principle for the project and helps to focus plans.

The project

The upgrade of the shopping centre occurred in stages starting in early 2014. The work was completed in the second half of 2016. Informed decisions regarding planning and stages of renovation made it possible to minimize inconvenience for visitors and retailers. A separate communication plan was also drawn up to keep retailers, tenants and consumers up to date at all times.

In consultation with the owner, sustainable options were discussed at every stage of the redevelopment process. As a result, all improvements and adjustments are as sustainable as possible.

The result

With shops in the mid- and high-priced range, excellent parking and a unique look, Heuvel shopping centre is once again the number one shopping centre in Eindhoven with international appeal. This was confirmed by winning the 2017 European Shopping Centre Award. The upgrade also led to improved rent levels, and retailers have shown more interest in the shopping centre. New tenants include Vapiano and TK Maxx. The inconvenience for retailers, tenants and visitors was limited and the construction activity itself was marketed as an event. The shopping centre was awarded the 2016 NRW Marketing Award and a nomination for the 2016 ISCS Solal Award.

Heuvel Eindhoven was also named most qualified shopping centre in the Netherlands and was awarded the BREEAM-NL In-Use Double Outstanding Certificate. The shopping centre shows that a focus on sustainability not only leads to quality improvement for the building, but also to a reduction of the operating costs. 

3 steps to achieving sustainable success

The sustainable success of shopping centre Heuvel