About Irene

As COO and Compliance Officer, Irene Flotman is responsible for the day-to-day management. Within CBRE she is responsible for Finance, Human Resources, Marketing & Communication, Legal & Compliance, IT and Facilities. As a member of the Executive Board she works at strategic level on the organisation's growth and development and strongly focuses on integrity and quality, both in terms of positioning and the services provided by CBRE, and in terms of staff. As a lawyer with extensive experience in property, she frequently provides a legal perspective for customers and colleagues in the area of Service Level Agreements.

I'm proud of CBRE and our people. Together we achieve good things. Our organisation has so much potential. We have our ups and downs, and learn every day. But that's fine. I believe we are different, that we can really add something. It's a privilege to be here right now.
Irene FlotmanChief Operating Officer (COO)