Your office should match with your organisation and your brand. And even more important: your office should help your people get the best out of their selves. The answer to the million dollar question is different for every organisation. Which makes sense, because no two organisations are the same.

... is flexible

An office without limits that optimally stimulates the mobility and flexibility of employees.

... improves interaction

Teamwise and individual, the eclectic interior of SURF’s new office has it both.

... is cost efficient

A reorganization of space in the VRR-office at the World Port Center proved several additional branches redundant.

... retains local identity

New interiors that reflect existing relationships within the Rabobank-cooperation: independent, but also connected.


Work in Progress

Oracle Amsterdam

Oracle Amsterdam

After successful projects in Utrecht and Luxembourg , we started in August 2016 in the center of Amsterdam. For this redevelopment project we will transform a typical building into a true Oracle- office. It is therefore very important to have a strong partnership between Oracle , the owner of the property and CBRE.
Accenture Utrecht

Accenture Utrecht

CBRE is the permanent partner of Accenture and works for different locations, departments and business units. After the offices in Heerlen and Amsterdam, we have also started in Utrecht in finding the right look and feel for the Accenture-brand and this location.