Game changer


In March 2020, CBRE released a research report exploring “The Age of Responsive Real Estate”, in which we looked forward to 2030. Almost instantly following that, we were faced with massive levels of mandated government protocols concerning Covid-19. What we envisioned for the future has become the reality today. Trends that would typically take years to develop – such as location independence – have been accelerated. Whilst spending time together and collaboration will always be a crucial component of work, we’ll start to be more creative in how – and where – this is achieved, with the proliferation of technology making this possible.

These fast-paced developments in the area of work and offices have been outlined in a whitepaper entitled: “The Office Reset: the influence of Covid-19 on the working environment.”

The impact of Covid-19 on the working environment


Offices will permanently change and be used in different ways than before. Even when the pandemic is over. Flexible working will become the norm, buildings will be made smarter and health and hygiene will become major points of focus.

The Office Reset

More focus on smart and healthy workspaces

More focus on smart and healthy workspaces

The role of smart office buildings that have been fitted with the latest digital technologies will increase once the corona crisis is over. Tenants will also place greater value on building specifications and possible options for healthy workspaces. In the long term, we will be seeing a preference for buildings with a healthy indoor climate, good ventilation and LEED and WELL certifications
Accelerated adoption of flexible working

Accelerated adoption of flexible working

While concerns remain over productivity and collaboration among employees working from home, we believe that the current experience will encourage companies to be more willing to accelerate the adoption of flexible and home working practices in the future. The focus will be on setting up the right technology, culture, and expectations, to make the office to home experience seamless.

Back to the office

The corona virus requires concrete adaptations of offices, both in the short and long term. With our Office Reset Advice we ensure that your office can be safely reopened, with clear guidelines for social distancing. We develop concrete solutions for a number of critical aspects such as layout, furniture location and routing.

Rethink, Reopen, Reoccupy
Based on input from your employees, we make a plan that consists of three phases: Rethink, Reopen and Reoccupy.

Rethink: We've developed a survey to help you monitor how your employees have experienced the past home working period. In addition, the results provide insight into how your employees think about their future way of working and using the office. Why do they go to the office in the future, how often, in what way and for what purpose? On this we base the strategy, planning and concrete actions to reopen the office.

Reopening: We will guide a safe and efficient return to the office.

Reoccupy: The long term strategy for your organizations working environment is also taken into account. Making sure that the workplace concept is future-proof and the business continuity and the safety of employees is guaranteed. Based on current experiences, your organization might benefit from introducing a different way of working. All of this will be taken into account for the reset design of your office.