Space-sizing: seeking the ideal mix

Space-sizing: seeking the ideal mix

You have to do something about empty and unused work floors. Although saving money on workplaces is one solution, it also bears risk. Before taking action, consider a hybrid workplace strategy.


A custom office concept

We ask your teams the right questions and identify your strategic objectives, which we then translate to a Programme of Requirements for the best possible working environment. We will engage your employees in interactive workshops and will conduct capacity utilisation assessments to objectively measure how you use your office space. Reference visits will help you determine your level of ambition and you can see practical applications with your own eyes.

Innovative approach

Our approach is by no means experimental, but we do monitor relevant trends closely. The most recent innovation in the field of office concepts is our Healthy Offices consultancy, involving integrated solutions for a healthy work environment. Your employees will be more productive, comfortable and satisfied. Our unique Healthy Offices QuickScan measures the elements that will positively influence your employees’ health and performance.

Committed employees

Change often gives rise to resistance. This is why it is vital to be open with your employees about your ambitions and ideas before you start putting your plans into action. Our change manager can help and works as an intermediary in project groups between your organisation and workers in other fields. We can offer you a communication plan including the implementation and development of communication measures.

Roadmap for change

Change Management is a clear process that starts with ideas and ends with the relocation to the new offices set up in accordance with the new office concept. Our knowledge and experience combined with insights from your organisation leads to the smooth and successful implementation of a new workplace strategy. Our varied approach guarantees a clear picture of your organisation’s needs and requirements. We use practical measures that include workshops and meetings for smaller or larger groups, online surveys and workplace guides.

Industry Solutions and Trends


Healthy Offices

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Healthy Offices

The latest innovation in the field of workplace concepts.
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Spencer Stuart

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