Space-sizing: seeking the ideal mix

Space-sizing: seeking the ideal mix

You have to do something about empty and unused work floors. Although saving money on workplaces is one solution, it also bears risk. Before taking action, consider a hybrid workplace strategy.

Reason for change

Things change. The wishes of your employees and clients can evolve, as can a location’s accessibility. Not only are buildings subject to increasingly strict requirements – including sustainability requirements – but organisations also grow and contract, and your sector never stands still. In short: you have more than enough reasons to take a fresh look at your accommodation.

Reliable insights


The search for reliable, well-thought-out insights rests on a good understanding of the figures. We look at employee travel time, changes in your sector, work space occupancy and market trends, as well as developments in the realm of sustainability, technology and health – and it goes without saying that we also factor in your organisation’s goals.

Armed with this data, we produce an assessment of your existing accommodation and explore the possibilities other locations may have to offer. Our unique Data-360 software makes it easy to see the potential of a range of locations.

Creative Camp

Whatever your situation, we’d love the opportunity to discover how we can make the most of your office or care complex. Why does a retail location or logistics center no longer meet your needs?  What changes can you see coming down the line in both the short and the longer term? We will seek out the answers you need, together. Have you considered a Creative Camp?


OK, so your plans have been finalised: it's time to put them into practice. Together we can look at the several options below. If you want us to, we'll stay by your side until you are 100% satisfied.  


Search for a suitable new location


Develop a work-space strategy for either your existing or new accommodation

Present you with a custom interior design


On-site project management


Worry-free relocation experience


Representation at contract negotiations