Space-sizing: seeking the ideal mix

Space-sizing: seeking the ideal mix

You have to do something about empty and unused work floors. Although saving money on workplaces is one solution, it also bears risk. Before taking action, consider a hybrid workplace strategy.



The first step is to take stock of your current situation. To do that, a Creative Camp could be just what you need. Together, we’ll uncover the key issues for your organisation and work out what your needs are. What’s the current state of the market? What do clients and visitors really want? What’s your definition of a great working environment? And, crucially, what are your plans for the future? We’re keen to get to grips with the figures, and we can also talk to your employees about their experiences and wishes. We will then bring together all this information in an outline of your ideal future working environment. This process generates a workspace concept that serves as a blueprint, helping you find a fresh vision for your premises – or even a new interior design.



Once that vision has been identified, we’ll stay by your side to help make your plans a reality. Just to take one example, we can offer a design for a suitable interior and take care of implementing that design – on time and on budget, of course. It goes without saying that we will give staff and visitors all the information they need about how and why the changes are taking place. That way, once all the work is finished, they will be just as enthusiastic about the new look as the designers were when they came up with the plan.



OK, so your plans have been finalised: it's time to put them into practice. Together we can look at the several options below. If you want us to, we'll stay by your side until you are 100% satisfied.


Office accommodation that is tailored to both the wishes and the health of the building's users


An interior that fits the image, the vision and the identity of your organisation

The plan: time and budget


Sparking the enthusiasm of your employees and your visitors


Worry-free relocation experience