Space-sizing: seeking the ideal mix

Space-sizing: seeking the ideal mix

You have to do something about empty and unused work floors. Although saving money on workplaces is one solution, it also bears risk. Before taking action, consider a hybrid workplace strategy.

Optimizing your accommodation portfolio


"Are we making the most of our premises?"

"Have we set the right financial priorities?"

These are key questions for organisations that operate out of multiple locations. Users' requirements are constantly changing, as is the environment in which care centres, logistics centres and retailers do their work. Whatever changes it faces, an organisation must be able to rely on its premises to promote top performance - which is what makes an analysis of an accommodation portfolio such a useful tool.

Portfolio analysis


Because it’s important for you to know how well each different location supports you in realizing your goals, our first priority is to find out what your organisation wants to achieve. Once that’s established, we start by analyzing the portfolio. Comparing the accommodation portfolio with your organisational goals reveals where opportunities are to be found. Throughout the process, the wishes of staff and users are a key factor, as are travel times, market trends and the latest sustainability, health and technological developments. Our Data-360 software makes it easy to see the potential of both your existing premises and potential new locations.

Plans into action

Once it’s clear what changes you would like to make, we can of course also support you in putting your plans into action. Let us help you either consolidate or expand your locations (link) and support you in negotiations; at your request we can also take on the contract administration and provide facility management  at your various locations. In short: we will do everything in our power to help you get the most out of your accommodation portfolio.


Consolidate or expand your locations


Take on the contract administration and provide facility management