• Diagnostic tool for continued research
  • Factors which impact health and wellness of employees
  • Based on scientific research

Diagnostic tool for continued research

Healthy Offices QuickScan is a diagnostic tool developed by CBRE to evaluate how well an existing workplace supports health and wellness through the physical environment, technology, policies, and culture. It is designed to identify current strengths and opportunities to inform future implementation of health & wellness strategies to maximize overall impact on health, wellness & productivity.

Altogether, this will serve as a baseline to compare changes as health and wellness features are introduced into the workplace and contribute to ongoing research on health & wellness in the workplace. 

Factors which impact health and wellness of employees

There are two key components to creating a healthier work environment. The indoor environmental quality and the extent to which the environment and facilities promote healthier choices among employees.

Based on scientific research

The QuickScan is based on findings from CBRE’s Healthy Offices Research, scientific research that links health and wellness to improved productivity. Visit our Healthy Offices Research website for more information about this extensive study.

Healthy Offices QuickScan

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