Work from Home Survey

Our workplace experts have created an online tool — the Work from Home Survey. Various questions assess how your staff have experienced the recent period of working from home and their expectations for the future. How often do they want to go to the office in the future, by which means and with what purpose? We will present the responses in a dashboard and this could form the point of departure for our Office Reset Advice. We can look at which follow-up measures are required to future-proof your office and to guarantee the health and productivity of your staff.

Insights into your employees’ experiences of working from home

Do you want more insight into your employees’ experiences of working from home and their expectations for the future? We are offering this free of charge survey to all organisations with 50 or more employees. Please submit your details below. We will contact you within two working days in order to customise the survey for your organisation. You will receive a link to the online survey, which you can distribute internally. Afterwards, one of our workplace experts will use a Zoom meeting for a non-binding discussion of the most notable insights based on your dashboard.

We are offering our Work from Home Survey free of charge to all organisations with 50 or more employees.

Office Reset Advice

In phase 1 we supervise the safe reopening of your office. With clear guidelines for social distancing and concrete solutions for a number of critical aspects such as layout, relocation of furniture, routing and signing.

In phase 2 we focus on the future of your organization. Due to the impact of the coronavirus, various work trends have accelerated. What will your ideal office look like and how do you enable your employees to get the best out of themselves? Together we develop a workplace concept that is future-proof.

The Office Reset Whitepaper


 Offices will permanently change and be used in different ways than before. Even when the pandemic is over. Trends that usually take years to develop – such as remote working – are moving at breakneck speed. Although spending time together in person will always be a part of office work, we will become more and more creative in how and where we work, assisted by the latest technologies. We have outlined these trends and developments in our whitepaper: “The Office Reset: the influence of covid-19 on the working environment.”

The Office Reset