Interior design

We use our knowledge of office processes, as well as employees’ needs and behaviour, in order to come up with a concept. We take you step-by-step through the process and make decisions together that ensure our creative solutions are aligned with your desires and requirements. We also advise you on making sustainable choices, such as showing you how circular solutions maintain the value of your investment.


Transpolis a new entrant to the office market

You can only make one first impression on a new tenant. That’s why CAIRN Real Estate enlisted CBRE’s design and project management teams to give Transpolis a new look.

Mendix to grow up to 7,000 m2 on the Maas River

Mendix's success is reflected in an ever-growing workforce. The organization can move forward in the iconic De Rotterdam building.

Guerrilla relocates to the old Telegraaf building

Guerrilla moves to a characteristic building, which we transformed in co-creation into a vibrant place that supports the creative process of Guerrilla in everything.

CBRE realizes head office in former car garage

CBRE is investigating how its own office, The Core, optimally supports a modern way of working.


Profile image of Ramon Beijen
Ramon Beijen
Creative Director
+316 21 80 18 40
Bente Bollen 800x604
Bente Bollen
Interior Architect
Ayca Dogan 800x604
Ayca Dogan
Head of Design
+31 631953071
Babette de Graaf 800x604
Babette de Graaf
Interior Architect
Jeanine Hagoort
Jeanine Hagoort
Junior Interior Architect
Petra Jongeneel 800x604
Petra Jongeneel
Senior Interior Architect
Karlijn Oude Booijink
Karlijn Oude Booijink
Junior Interior Architect
Martijn prins 800x604
Martijn Prins
Head of Studio
+316 11 56 73 50
Judith Snoeijen 800x604
Judith Snoeijen
Interior Architect
Birgit van Steenhoven 800x604
Birgit van de Steenoven
Interior Architect
Ad Topma
Ad Topma
Arjan Veendorp 800x604
Arjan Veendorp
Head of Finance
+316 14 51 73 92
Shin Walsmit 800x604
Shin Walsmit
Senior Draughtsman
Robbie van der Zalm
Robbie van der Zalm
Interior Architect