Hybrid working

What will the working world look like without a recession and with a vaccine? One thing that is becoming clearer is that we are not returning to the office en masse. Although percentages differ, studies have shown that working from home will remain the norm. After all, we are all seeing how well it works in practice – right?

Project management

There’s a lot that will come your way when you decide to change accommodation, whether you are having a new building constructed for your business or moving to an existing building. We can support you during this complicated process.

Optimisation of your accommodation portfolio

Everyone’s accommodation needs change, as well as the circumstances under which a company operates. Your accommodation must enable your organisation to perform optimally. We collaborate with you to evaluate your accommodation portfolio.

Interior design

Our full-service design studio will work with you to develop a new concept if you’re planning to move to a new office or renovate your current one.

Relocations, expansions and divestments

A logical time to evaluate your accommodation needs is the moment your lease expires. It’s a time when you assess whether the accommodation still meets your requirements or whether it’s better to stay or move. We help you find the most suitable accommodation for your business.

Developing a workplace concept

If your organisation is about to radically change – whether it’s a merger, reorganisation or a radical culture shift – we investigate what options are best suited to your organisation and support you in their implementation.