Unlock capital for your core business. Are you the owner-occupier of property and considering selling? Our consultants can give you a full run-down of the options you have for achieving a good sale and the investors that might be interested in your building. They can give you advice on selling offices, shops or logistics properties. We will also inform you on the best approach to the lease and how you might change the building's use. Perhaps you want to rent less space or upgrade the building? Our support covers every aspect, and you can be assured of a sound transaction and unlocked capital for your business.

Insight into investment value. Are you, as an investor, looking for high-quality property at an attractive location with the assurance of a tenant willing to commit to the long-term use of the building? In that case a sale & leaseback construction could be an option for you. We will guide you through the process: on the purchase price, state of maintenance, the profits and the building's selling potential, but also on the tenant's profile and lease conditions in line with the market. We adopt a careful approach to the whole process, and strive to reach the best solutions for both parties.

Integral expertise for the best results. A sale and leaseback construction offers many opportunities, but it also involves risks. Although we only represent one of the parties in a transaction, CBRE will discuss all aspects from both perspectives. This will lead to a well-founded solution that is satisfactory to both parties. This is important, as you - the building's investor and user - will have a relationship of many years with each other after the transaction. We can offer supporting information by involving a number of CBRE specialists in the process: specialists in property investment, financing and management, as well as experts who give advice on the best use of rented space and the relevant lease conditions.

  • Advice and support during each stage of the process, from strategy and planning to preparing the full structural engineering, legal and financial file
  • Lease, suited to the tenant's organisational goals, with a clear allocation of maintenance costs for the tenant or future owner (service level agreement)
  • Purchasing/sales documents (building documentation or marketing materials, draft and definitive agreements, due diligence process etc.)
  • A fully substantiated business case for owner-occupier or investor, including the financial, tax and legal consequences on the one hand and building, technical and spatial aspects on the other

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