Successful transformation of unlettable property

Do you have properties whose value and lettability are noticeably lagging? If so, a strong solution will be needed to optimise your rental income by making these properties more attractive to prospective tenants. Our integrated team of strategic and technical advisors will develop a solution that will balance your expenses and revenues and provide complete approach, schedule and team details as well as a realistic assessment of your risks. Whether this solution involves a simple upgrade or a complete redevelopment, your investment will again have the opportunity to succeed in the real estate market. 

Creative and feasible plans

The expectations of tenants and property investors are constantly increasing. Although creative solutions are essential, your project must be achievable and feasible as well. How well do the new possibilities of the property match your investment strategy, objectives and the real estate transactions you plan to make? Our integrated approach includes planning, permit applications, technical consulting, sustainability, architecture, calls for tenders, contracting, building construction and preparing the property for lease or sale. We are constantly focused on your goals and the success of your business plans.

  • Extensive business solutions for the transformation of commercial properties
  • Feasibility studies for upgrades or redevelopments, including budgets and schedules, architecture, marketing proposals and market conformity
  • Construction implementation plans, including construction and project management

Industry Solutions and Trends




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Blaak 555

Transformation into a stylish and elegant multi-tenant office building

Lange Marktstraat 24-26

Integrated approach and out-of-the-box solution result in long-term lease

Bezuidenhoutseweg 105

Transformation from dated to contemporary office building

Officia III

Renovation of a hidden gem in Amsterdam’s Southaxis