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Bezuidenhoutseweg 105

Transformation from dated to contemporary office building

Delftse Poort

Renovation of a landmark in the Rotterdam streetscape
Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Fresh impetus to make it attractive for new occupants

Heuvel shopping centre Eindhoven

An ambitious renovation project where quality and sustainability went hand in hand.

Powerful positioning makes a lasting impression

The choice of a business location is based on quantifiable aspects such as accessibility, available volume and lease price. But if your building 'feels' good to the prospective tenant at first sight, your chances of a successful lease will be enhanced. We advise you and your advertising agency (when applicable) in creating a building concept with a unique identity that will appeal to prospective tenants and their employees. It is an excellent tool for the marketing strategy of your building.

Creative and proactive marketing resources

It is important to mobilise the right marketing resources in each phase of the leasing process. In the start-up phase, you will need to develop resources such as a brochure, website or online listing that give a general impression of the building and indicate its availability (Realnext, for example) As potential tenants begin to show more interest, more persuasive resources can be developed by our consulting and design team.

Persuading prospective tenants

We create resources for each phase in the leasing process that will help prospective tenants understand how their businesses can make the most of your building - resources that are persuasive and targeted to their interests. Because their interests are ultimately your interest.

  • See our current commercial real estate offerings using the Realnext tool
  • Resources include detailed leasing proposals that are tailored to specific prospective tenants and produced in an attractive and persuasive format
  • View a visual reproduction of your office using the CBRE 360View tool
  • We provide resources that are tailored for specific tenants, including: 2D and 3D testfits, stacking, accessibility/travelling time analysis, on-location events and showrooms

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