Full picture of the investment market

Optimising your property portfolio includes expanding it with new buildings. As your sparring partner, CBRE will give you a full picture of the market and identify properties that will enhance your investment strategy. Our extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the investment market are invaluable. We will give you advice on selecting the right buildings and the best way to approach the owner in order to secure the acquisition.

Structure in the acquisition process

If you wish to buy a property or take part in a tendering procedure, you need a transparent and well-structured approach. As a result, the acquisition will meet your expectations and suit your property strategy. Our approach is proactive and offers structure. From the outset, we will show you the steps you should take and the risks to be avoided. We will give you advice in each phase and perform a quick and thorough due diligence of both commercial and technical aspects. You will have a complete dossier, on which you can base your decision.

Focus on a solid transaction

We strive to provide the highest quality, which means we will do all we can to bring the transaction to a positive conclusion. Every detail of the deal is assessed, and every risk is evaluated.  This not only applies to the property itself, but also to the party offering the property. Reliability and security, these are the keywords.

  • Our in-depth knowledge of the investment market and large network of contacts will help secure the best deals
  • A structured approach in the acquisition process provides quality and reduces the risks
  • Commercial and technical due diligence by our own internal advisors ensures a smooth, efficient process
  • Strong negotiation power on the basis of broad experience, knowledge and expertise, based on facts and figures in a carefully prepared dossier

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