Unique buildings, unique tenants, unique service

Office buildings in an excellent location and with international, iconic architecture attract tenants that expect a high level of service. Premier Properties is a global CBRE concept that consolidates the relationship between these tenants in the top segment and their office location.

Top-of-the-bill hospitality

The concept includes a wide variety of facilities and offers a 5-star service to tenants, their lessees and visitors. As a result, employees feel at home in their working environment, and this can be an important reason for their employer to remain in the specific office building. Visitors also feel welcome and respected, which reinforces the relationship with their host, i.e. your tenant.

High level tenant satisfaction

The concept's strength lies in the way the facilities are geared to your tenants' needs. We strive for perfection, resulting in a high level of tenant satisfaction. CBRE bases an experienced Premier Properties manager at the location. That manager builds up a very close relationship with the tenants so that his knowledge of the tenant's requirements is always first hand.

  • International platform with buildings from New York to Sydney, and from Hong Kong to Rio de Janeiro.
  • Iconic architecture, top locations, strong positioning and marketing
  • Networking communities for tenants
  • An annual global tenant satisfaction survey; feedback helps us identify action points and trends in tenant needs.
  • 5-star service, high-level hospitality
  • Tenant relationship programme offering many conveniences like a dry cleaner's, a tailor, a parcel delivery service, a florist, a coffee bar, etc.

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