Loan management with maximal returns. Managing your loans using commercial properties as security is a complicated administrative process and involves keeping track of a lot of data. You can leave the full management of your loans to us; from administrative management to renegotiating loans to special management and enforcement of security interests. You can count on us for an efficient, transparent and consistent administration, in which we strive to achieve maximum returns. 

Strategic considerations in real estate financing. In order to be a successful investment, a loan needs to be seamlessly tailored to the specific real estate. Our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market along with our expansive experience in sales, lease, taxation and commercial real estate allows us to better shape your finances. We work alongside you to develop solutions for the optimal performance of your loan portfolio. Giving you a clear overview of risks and expenses, while focusing on delivering the best possible result. 

International standards. Our international team is active on all important European markets and works closely with real estate finance partners from around the world. This international experience is integrated with our local knowledge of the Dutch market. We ensure all your loans are robust and meet the required international standards. In doing so, more opportunities are created that allow you to develop your business further.

  • Facility and Security Agent: more transparency by legally separating the administrative management of the portfolio from the lender’s financial interests
  • Special Servicing: to make sure a debtor also meets his payment obligations in the future we offer legal, strategic and operational advice and management
  • Cash Management: invoicing, collecting and if necessary sending payment reminders for your loans
  • Lender Advisor: strategic and practical advice for lenders on taking out and managing loans. Ad hoc advice to help you handle Special Management situations
  • Loan Due Diligence: report covering vital loan aspects such as formal decision making preparation, the purchase and sale of loans or internal and external reports
  • Loan Work Outs: hands-on guidance when negotiating and implementing changes when the debtor can not fulfil his contractual obligations
  • Loan Valuations: independent loan valuations (debtors, security risks, price, structure) for investors and regulators