Quickly outlining all the possibilities. Our strength lies primarily in our ability to apply solution-oriented thinking and to identify legal possibilities and impossibilities. It is particularly important for a real estate lender such as yourself to ensuring a maximal yield when recovering a loan. This enforcement process, however, also needs to be feasible and transparent. Thanks to our involvement in many real estate transactions - on both a major institutional level as well as a much smaller local scale - and to our know-how of real estate financing we are able to provide a quick and clear solution, tailor-made to your situation. 

Complete file and a result-driven approach. Recovering your real estate loan in an efficient and sound way can often prove complex. CBRE’s transparent and structured approach provides you with a realistic expectation of the end result. The transaction file we provide is as complete as possible and gives a good portrayal of the real estate for sale or auction. There is advice on the available options and support for every step on the way to achieving a satisfactory conclusion. We focus on maximising the sales result by leveraging our vast store of real estate knowledge, data and insights.

  • Information memorandum: brochure that outlines the real estate proposition to generate market interest during the lead up to the auction
  • Real estate dataset: an organized dataset covering the object that is subject to execution. This can be delivered to bidders either directly or via the auction platform
  • Private offers: strong focus on realising private offers in creating optionality
  • Transaction planning and data status: detailed and up-to-date planning of the foreclosure process, including the status of the pending dataset
  • Auction brochure: an overview of the real estate subject to execution that is consistent with the legal information from the notary and the auction platform