A clear vision

Societal changes have had and will have a significant impact on the use of real estate. Our research and experience with a large number of real estate projects enable us to provide you with a picture of how your real estate investments can better attract prospective tenants. You will be advised on how to position your building or property on the market and provided with our insight into the needs of prospective tenants; our in-house team of architects, engineers and surveyors will show you what improvements may be needed to the building or property, including costs and planning.

Finding the right tenant

Our large network and in-depth knowledge of the market can help you determine which tenants would be a good match for your real estate. You will be given a clear idea of the possible domestic and international tenants we plan to attract. Our personal approach allows prospective tenants to better understand the match between their requirements and your property. This approach ranges from drafting well-tailored contractual lease conditions to creating personalised lease offers that include design drawings and artist's impressions of the future work environment. 

Supervision throughout the entire process

You'll benefit from our solid experience in real estate - we know when and how to anticipate the needs of occupiers. In the role of a director, we will plan the entire leasing process, continually update you on the progress of the project and provide you with all the documents you need to finalise the transaction. You can be confident that we will ensure the lease is completed properly. 

In summary, our services include:

  • Sharing our knowledge of commercial transactions and advice on trends in the occupier market as well as associated building designs and workplace layouts
  • Supervising the leasing process, including on-going updates on potential tenants, arranging viewings and handling negotiations 
  • Positioning and marketing support 
  • Providing advice on necessary upgrades, including architectural and technical improvements with associated cost estimates and schedules
  • Drafting contractual documents such as: lease agreements, cooperation agreements, architectural alterations and Service Level Agreements

Industry Solutions and Trends




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