Wide-ranging expertise in commercial property financing

  • The best finance conditions and support throughout the entire credit processing for your commercial property.
  • Property financing for every sector: offices, retail, hotels, logistics, residential and healthcare properties.
  • Your investment is seamlessly aligned with the underlying commercial property.
  • Clear, rigorously-executed financing process, totally in line with your expectations.

The best financing conditions

The market for property financing is a specialist environment that responds quickly to changes in the property sector. Solutions that may have been the obvious choice several years ago are often no longer appropriate for your property. CBRE offers a cast-iron combination of specialist financing knowledge and property expertise from our sales, letting, management, valuation and research teams across the world. Financing for office or residential investment, shopping centres, hotels, logistics or healthcare property varies and finance providers apply different conditions for each of them. We ensure the best financing conditions that seamlessly match the objectives you have for your commercial property and organization. 

Would you like to invest in property with the right property financing? 

Unique knowledge of property financing

In handling your request for financing, we approach the parties that match your specific situation. Having compared their offers, we provide you with an insight into conditions, cash flows, returns and the details of the credit process. We advise you on the possibilities and any issues, always in relation to your specific property. This integrated approach to your property financing enables you to save money and guides you towards making the right decision, based on the facts. It also leaves you to focus on your property strategy.

Predictable and systematic process
Today's property finance providers work worldwide, each applying their own acceptance process. We understand the differences between these parties and know what information and analyses they need. In our painstaking preparations, including financial modelling, we take account of this, making the financing process predictable. This often speeds up the process, making a flexible response to any new developments easier.

Financing products for your property investment

Optimal property financing

Optimal property financing, in a predictable, transparent process with a clearly-defined result that meets your objectives in terms of returns, risk and timing.

Progress report

Progress report, ensuring that you always understand the process, information used and expected results and can make any necessary adjustments.

Information memorandumum

Information memorandum with in-depth transaction analysis and financial modelling focusing on potential finance providers, ensuring that the process is transparent, predictable and fast.

Financing costing

Financing costing with detailed comparison of the conditions offered, resulting cash flows and returns, including details of the credit process.