The best financing conditions. The real estate finance market is a specialised environment that swiftly responds to changes in the real estate industry. Solutions that were obvious years ago may now often be outdated for your real estate purposes. CBRE offers a rock solid combination of specialised finance knowledge along with real estate expertise from our sales, rental, management, taxation and research teams from all across the world. We ensure you get the best financing conditions that seamlessly match your objectives for your real estate and organisation. 

Unique real estate financing insights. To answer your financing queries we approach the parties that best match your specific situation. By comparing their offers, we will provide insights about the conditions, cash flows, profitability and other relevant details of the lending process. We advise you on the possibilities and focuses directly pertaining to the particular property. This integrated approach is a huge time saver and will guide you towards a well-reasoned decision. In addition, you get to truly focus on your real estate strategy. 

A predictable and methodical process. The (new) financing suppliers work around the globe and each have their own acceptance processes. We know the difference between parties and know which information and type of analyses they require. Our fine-tuned preparation, which includes financial modelling, is geared towards this and makes it a predictable process. This speeds up the procedure and allows us to better respond to new development in an agile fashion. 

  • Optimal real estate financing, in a predictable, transparent process and a clearly outlined result that matches your objectives regarding profitability, risk and timing
  • Finance accounting with an expansive comparison of the offered conditions, resulting cash flows and returns, including details of the lending process
  • Information memorandum with in-depth transaction analysis and financial modelling targeting potential lenders, resulting in a swift, transparent and predictable process
  • Progress reports that allow you to consult the process, information used and expected results at any given time, giving you the means to make adjustments along the way