Quick insight into value development

Does a building you intend to acquire have good letting potential? Are any investments to improve the value necessary and feasible? As a property investor you need well-founded insight into the potential value of a new investment and the financial resources you will need now and in the future. Detailed advice within a short time frame will give a clear idea about the property's investment options, such as rental income, value development, risk assessment, and investments for renovation and maintenance.

Reports of valuation standard

Our reports - analysing all the elements that determine a property's value and carefully supported by figures of comparable market transactions - will help you make the right choices. Our years of experience of valuing many different buildings enable us to make an important contribution to the creation and/or assessment of a portfolio strategy. Such insight will be of interest to banks, property funds, institutional investors, multinationals and private/public clients.

Integral approach

Our advisors are specialists in the (international) investment market and will put together a CBRE team for your consultancy assignment. This team will consider your investment proposition from all angles. We have specialists with a background in investment transactions, but also technical and structural engineering experts, as well as construction cost experts with knowledge of renovation and sustainability improvements of buildings. Aspects of property management are also taken into consideration so that you have a full picture of the maintenance required and the investment budgets that will be involved. Our integral advice will enable you to decide whether your plans to buy or redevelop a property will lead to a valuable investment.

  • Assessment of the letting and selling potential of property, incorporating all opportunities and risks
  • Financial insight into the value evolution of each type of commercial property, including: residential complexes, offices, shopping centres, logistics centres, hotels, healthcare property and land
  • Detailed statement of current and future CAPEX, based on an integral assessment of the maintenance or renovation plans
  • Value assessment by certified surveyors

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