Our services

Debt Advisory

Optimal financing and refinancing of your real estate using a transparent process established by real estate finance specialists at the heart of the international finance market.

MidCap Investments

The best possible transaction result for property investments with a volume of up to €12 million.

Property & Portfolio Sales

Selling your property investment against the best conditions.                                                                                                                            

Property Acquisitions

Comprehensive advice on expanding your property portfolio in line with your investment strategy, and proactive assistance in the acquisition process.

Technical Due Diligence

Technical, environmental, commercial and legal assessment and analysis of your property for your acquisition or sales transaction.        

Sale & Leaseback

Expert advice for occupiers and investors, focused on the best transaction result and sound future cooperation for both parties.

Portfolio Analysis & Hold/Sell Strategies

Strategic vision on your portfolio and honest advice on the options for selling or optimising.

Investor Leasing & Consulting

Optimal leasing solutions through a unique combination of market information experience with the leasing process and a vision for the future of your real estate.

Property Marketing Tools

Powerful positioning and effective marketing resources create a unique building identity that will appeal to occupiers.                                                                

Selling Vacant Properties

Sell your vacant properties quickly and efficiently by recognising distinctive qualities and possibilities for redevelopment or renovation.                                


Commercial real estate in all property sectors, including residential complexes, valued by an expert, reliable and specialist team.

Assessment & Consulting

Full and quick insight into the financial aspects, letting potential and value development of property to be acquired or redeveloped.

Property Management

Proactive property management, with the assurance of successful exploitation and a profit on your investment.                                               

WELL Certification

Integral solutions for a healthy working environment where people are demonstrably more productive, work comfortably and feel good.

Premier Properties

A 5-star service for tenants and visitors in buildings with an distinctive appearance.                                                                               

Shopping Centre Management

Efficient shopping centre management dedicated to tenant satisfaction and visitor appeal.

Shopping Centre Marketing

A strong positioning of your shopping centre ensures your shoppers come more often and stay longer.

Architecture for Property Upgrading

Appealing architecture for the upgrading and transformation of buildings, making them competitive and attractive to occupiers again.

Building Consultancy

Expert knowledge of construction and techniques, applied by pragmatic advisors and focused on investment value.

Redevelopment and Upgrading

Increase the letting potential of your property: a development plan with a sound technical, structural, financial and commercial basis.                                                                               

Construction Management

Skilled management of your construction project, with outstanding implementation and flawless delivery.

Corporate Finance

Attracting capital for your real estate business.

Equity Placement

Full-service support for unlisted real estate funds when attracting and placing local or international capital.

Secondary Trading

A global platform for safe, transparent handling of unlisted real estate funds.

Loan & Corporate Recovery

Quick and efficient recovery of real estate loans by thoroughly preparing the sale of the property, in private or through an auction.                                                                        

Loan Servicing

Strategic advice and full service management for your loan portfolio based on in-depth knowledge of real estate and real estate financing.                                                                                      

Loan Sales

Transparent and efficient sales process for your real estate loans, geared towards attaining the optimal sales price.