Why is Sustainability important?


Regulations in the field of energy and sustainability change rapidly. We create an overview for you to see if and how you comply with current and future regulations, and where your possible risks lie. Compliance with these regulations is a basic requirement for every building owner and user, as well as the property developer.

Financial benefits

Sustainable buildings are financially more attractive, because tenants are increasingly demanding sustainability. Banks now include sustainability in their financing conditions, and pension funds are steering their investment policy towards more sustainable options. In addition, there are subsidy benefits for sustainability (e.g. MIA / EIA / SDE+). A solid sustainability strategy can result in significant savings on your renovation plans.

Future ready

We are eager to team up with you to achieve your sustainability ambitions and make sure that your real estate is ready for the future. We offer customisation so that you can obtain a better performance from your sustainable real estate, now and in the long term. Sustainability contributes to a healthy working environment and heightens the performance of your organisation.


CBRE has several BREEAM Experts and Assessors, LEED Accredited Professionals and WELL Accredited Professionals in its Dutch organisation. We participate in the Dutch Green Building Council, as a Gold Level Member of USGBC, as a Global Associate Member of GRESB, and we are RICS accredited. CBRE is a LEED Proven Provider in Operations and Maintenance (O+M) and Interior Design and Construction (ID+C).


Sustainability certifications determine the sustainability performance of a building, an interior, an area or a portfolio. CBRE has expertise in all widely used sustainability certifications in the Netherlands.

Sustainability Strategy

Why should you work to improve sustainability? Vision and ambitions in the field of sustainability should reflect your assets, your scope for investment, and the needs of stakeholders. CBRE translates developments in the area of health and circularity into practical tools.


In determining your sustainability strategy, we start by formulating your ambitions and drawing up a step-by-step plan. Your focus and your goals are paramount in this process. As we proceed, we examine the preconditions, link them to current sustainability and monitoring methods, and translate them into long-term objectives.

Asset Improvement Plans

A strategy proves its worth once it has made the transition to professional practice. We therefore support clients as they implement their objectives and set about making their existing real estate more sustainable. Sustainability can form part of renovation plans, but we also work to improve sustainability step by step through sustainable long-term maintenance plans. 

Monitoring and Reporting

In order to monitor the transition from sustainability strategy to practical application and to communicate the results, various forms of reporting are used. We can generate and monitor these reports, and advise on ways to improve them. 


Our projects


Construction work on the new headquarters for Asics – the sports and lifestyle brand – in Hoofddorp will commence in the summer of 2017. The office building’s prime focus will be human well-being and sustainable building-based solutions.

Officia III

To successfully relaunch Officia III on the rental market, a thorough renovation was needed to transform it into a sustainable multi-tenant building. On behalf of the owner, CBRE took care of the integral development and supervision of redevelopment up to and including the execution and completion of the renovations.