Understanding retail

The evolving shopping habits of consumers is presenting retailers with major challenges. These behavioural shifts are leaving their mark on the retail landscape. We examine the relevant trends and report back on their implications for retailers, investors and their property needs. We know every inch of the Dutch retail market and are fully aware of the influence of international developments. Our approach is characterised by international scope and cooperation with global retailers, which means we have a great deal to offer the Dutch retail sector.

Trusted advisor

With our all-round approach, we advise owners on the lease, sale or structural upgrading of their retail premises. We appraise, manage and support both purchase and sale transactions in the shopping-centre sector. We are also a trusted advisor to small retailers and large retail chains alike as they select and lease the stores that are so instrumental to their success.

Our services

Optimal leasing solutions through a unique combination of market information experience with the leasing process and a vision for the future of your real estate.
Sell your property investment against the best conditions.                                                                                                                         
Commercial real estate across all property sectors, including residential complexes, valued by an expert, reliable and specialist team.
Housing with a lease agreement that best suits your organisation’s goals and needs.
Transform your property into a lasting, attractive investment.
Efficient shopping centre management dedicated to tenant satisfaction and visitor appeal.

Interesting for you?

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Suitable restaurants at top locations in major cities.

Understanding Retail Destinations

Check out our International platform for data and insights of interesting shopping cities worldwide.
Maison de Bonneterie

Maison de Bonneterie

New élan for retail landmarks in Amsterdam and The Hague

Heuvel shopping centre Eindhoven

An ambitious renovation project where quality and sustainability went hand in hand.