Residential portfolios as an attractive investment

The market for residential investment is undergoing rapid professionalisation. An increasing number of national and international investors are taking an active interest in this sector. Whether you are acting on behalf of a housing association or as an international institutional investor, we understand your need for objective advice in this dynamic market.

Reliable and wide-ranging advice

Our transparent processes and well-substantiated valuations put you in a position to make the right decisions. We also present inspiring business cases that show how property from other sectors can be converted into future-proof residential prospects. Alternatively, we can advise you in developing a sales structure geared towards non-SGEI assets owned by housing associations.

Our services

Commercial real estate across all property sectors, including residential complexes, valued by an expert, reliable and specialist team.
Sell your property investment against the best conditions.                                                                                                                         
Optimal (re)financing of your real estate using a transparent process established by real estate finance specialists who are in the heart of the international finance market.
Transform your property into a lasting, attractive investment.
Strategic vision on your portfolio and honest advice on the options for selling or optimising                                                                                   
Technical, environmental, commercial and legal assessment and analysis of your property for your acquisition or sales transaction.                                              
Expert knowledge of construction and techniques, applied by pragmatic advisors and focused on investment value.
Attracting capital for your real estate business