New insights for your property strategy

We understand that your top priority is to find out what conversion means in your specific situation. What does a feasibility study entail and what are your options in terms of working with financiers, government bodies, occupiers and/or other investors? We combine our knowledge of the property market, investment values and letting opportunities with expertise in the fields of optimum utilisation, architecture, technology and engineering.

Future-proof property

Whether your property currently houses offices, shops, healthcare facilities or a hotel, we are the ideal sparring partner when it comes to conversion. Our multidisciplinary team of real estate consultants, technical advisors and architects will identify the new opportunities open to you. The focus is on solutions to enhance the building’s appeal, resulting in a sale or a lease agreement. In other words, a well-founded business case that gives you genuine opportunities for the future.

Our services

Transform your property into a lasting, attractive investment.
Appealing architecture for the upgrade and transformation of buildings, making them competitive and attractive to occupiers again.
Sell your property investment against the best conditions.                                                                                                                         
Sell your vacant properties quickly and efficiently by recognising distinctive qualities and possibilities for redevelopment or renovation.
Optimal leasing solutions through a unique combination of market information experience with the leasing process and a vision for the future of your real estate.
Full and quick insight into the financial aspects, letting potential and value development of property to be acquired or redeveloped.
Expert knowledge of construction and techniques, applied by pragmatic advisors and focused on investment value.
Support and assistance with obtaining the internationally recognized WELL certificate, the only standard in the world for organizations and buildings that ensures a healthy working environment.
Optimal (re)financing of your real estate using a transparent process established by real estate finance specialists who are in the heart of the international finance market.

Interesting for you?

Blaak 555

Transformation into a stylish and elegant multi-tenant office building

Lange Marktstraat 24-26

Integrated approach and out-of-the-box solution result in long-term lease

Bezuidenhoutseweg 105

Transformation from dated to contemporary office building

Officia III

Renovation of a hidden gem in Amsterdam’s Southaxis