Analysis of the real-estate market in Northeast Netherlands

The increasing demand for modern office space in Zwolle, Apeldoorn and Deventer presents great opportunities for investors. Area-specific transformation have the potential to future-proof the city. Our report presents the opportunities offered by each city.
There are significant differences between the office markets in Zwolle, Apeldoorn and Deventer. They differ in size and geographical location, and each city has its own economy and user market. The quality of the office stock also varies from one to the other. We therefore pinpoint specific opportunities for each of these markets, as you can read in our real estate market analysis report.

However, one piece of advice holds true for every city: it is absolutely vital to create the right supply at the right location. Transformation and modernisation help to minimize vacancy, and enable the development of clearly profiled and future-proof office locations. Below, you will find an overview of office supply and vacancy in Zwolle, Apeldoorn and Deventer.

Smart real-estate investments

The region of Northeast Netherlands is growing strongly. This trend is particularly visible in Zwolle, a city with the potential to become the go-to office location in the region. With our knowledge both of the area and of the real-estate market, we can see exactly what the options are that will ensure the smartest possible investment in real estate.

Integrated advice

Our team will be happy to help you with your real-estate questions. We are up to date on all the legislation and regulations that affect real-estate transactions, and we would love to offer you an overview of the possibilities we see. The way we work is transparent and flexible, and we always make sure to consult closely with everyone concerned.


What started with great cooperation in the south-western Netherlands has resulted in a new and sustainable office for Mazars Apeldoorn. Here, employees can work together in fresh, open spaces with a pleasant atmosphere.


CBRE recently helped Flynth develop both a new workplace concept and a new office layout. The pilot project in Zwolle was completed in October 2018 to the client’s total satisfaction, so much so that the concept will be replicated in all branches of Flynth.