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Successful people are the economic success of an organization. Scientific research confirms that healthy and happy people want to get the best of themselves and this is reflected in a higher performance.

Contributing to research and debate on this present subject

Being one of the founding fathers, we have been a member of the Blue Building Institute since 2016. Since 2014, we are also involved in the global campaign Better Places for People, led by the World Green Building Council. 

Our services

If your organisation is about to radically change – whether it’s a merger, reorganisation or a radical culture shift – we investigate what options are best suited to your organisation and support you in their implementation.
Support and assistance with obtaining the internationally recognized WELL certificate, the only standard in the world for organizations and buildings that ensures a healthy working environment.
The optimal combination of budget, building and use of space. Your corporate real estate portfolio should be the foundation of your organisation’s strategy.
Housing with a lease agreement that best suits your organisation’s goals and needs.
Proactive property management, with the assurance of successful exploitation and a profit on your investment.
The practical application of health & wellness insights to unlock human potential in the work environment.

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