Healthcare Real Estate Report H1 2019

Investments in the healthcare real estate market continue to expand, showing a 25% growth compared to H1 2019. CBRE expects this trend to continue. Another 1,000 new healthcare locations are needed in the Netherlands to accommodate current shortages and waiting lists for residential facilities for seniors.

Is your property receiving the right care?

The Dutch healthcare landscape is changing rapidly. As a care institution, you are now responsible for your own accommodation costs. A sound real-estate policy and a well thought-out vision are therefore essential. By combining our knowledge of institutions like yours and of investors in healthcare properties, we ensure that you keep a grip on your property.

Clear and frank advice

Our team follows a structured process to produce a thorough analysis of your needs. We link up with our regional colleagues and we know exactly which laws and regulations affect property transactions. Our processes are transparent, flexible and always involve you.

Our services

Business case

Improving the leasability or operational efficiency of healthcare property by mutually aligning and optimising the building, user, market and financial aspects in a single study

Market research

Thorough analyses of the healthcare property market to support acquisitions, investment or property strategies and feasibility studies.

Financing consulting

We arrange property financing deals for all healthcare property segments by obtaining the optimum financing or refinancing contract and saving time.

Our projects

Havenziekenhuis Rotterdam

Havenziekenhuis Rotterdam

On behalf of Erasmus MC, CBRE sold the Havenziekenhuis Rotterdam hospital at the end of 2018. Once an extensive optimisation study into the options for the property was completed, the property was put up for sale to investors. Thanks to the study, the property was sold for a higher amount than expected.
Mirtehof en de bladerkroon

Mirtehof en de bladerkroon

Prior to the sales process, CBRE established that value optimisation was possible by creating additional apartments in the building. This exercise translated into a better final selling price.
Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis

Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis

In support of the sale, CBRE produced a market and building analysis of transformation possibilities and other opportunities for the site. This thorough preparation ultimately resulted in a highly successful sale with a yield far exceeding the hospital’s expectations. The analysis also tied in well with plans later developed by the municipality.


Based upon an extensive analysis of the market, a housing construction programme was drawn up for the site. This analysis revealed the differences in investments and yields between rental and owner-occupied housing. With the report in hand, De Rijnhoven is now in a position to make a well-founded decision on whether to proceed with the development.